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  • Suppliers of New and Pre-Owned Book Production and Converting Equipment

    • New and Pre Owned Sheeters.
    • Book Production Equipment.
    • Sheeter Spare Parts and Servicing.
    • FU Gearboxes.
    • A range of machinery for the converting and packaging industry.
    • Drive upgrade options for pre-owned SHM 1400 Sheeters


  • Pre-owned book press equipment

    We supply pre-owned book production equipment and offer installation and support services.

    OPT supply parts and components to support Variquik Book Printing System installations worldwide.

  • Pre-owned sheeting equipment

    OPT specialise in selling the range of pre-owned SHM Sheeters. We can supply a wide range of pre-owned SHM Sheeters together with installation and commissioning services, and supporting with spare parts/components

  • Comprint Sheeters

    The new Comprint range of sheeting machines, built in Australia. They are available in 1400 and 1500 mm wide configurations, for plain paper multi-web sheeting.

    Plus hi-accuracy cut to print register control systems for label production and security papers alternatively a standard  cut to print register control system for packaging paper and cardboard.

    OPT offer installation and commissioning engineering services either from the UK and overseas - Hong Kong/Australia

  • Tailored Unwind Options

    We can offer tailored unwind solutions for new machines and also retrofit to existing machines to  make more user friendly and increasing productivity

  • Visit our surplus electronic equipment shop


  • Spare Parts and servicing

    Please contact us for spare parts for your SHM sheeter. We can supply knives, rollers, tapes, unwinds components and lots more.

    Experienced sheeter engineers on hand to service and support your machine.


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