Sheeter and Unwind Equipment Upgrades

We can also supply unwind equipment to increase productivity on your existing sheet cutter.
"J" Series unwinds stands are a cost effective shafted unwind that has a disc brake that can be fitted with ultrasonic brake tension control to proportionally adjust the brake tension as the roll decreases in size. Correct brake tension provides a more accurate cut and can eliminate many issues that converters are experiencing during production.
As seen below the control panel for the braking system can be utilised for operator convenience.
They can also be equpped with lightweight airshafts for an ergonomic workflow.

A variety of plinths can be manufactured including "4 high" as seen below that is a good option if space is at a premium:

"J"Series low position:

This is the CS1500 unwind that can pick up from floor and is a very good option when large rolls are utilised and there is little need for overhead lifting equipment. Side lay positioning and automatic tension control can be utilised for mazimum control of the web into the cutting infeed:

< Comprint Sheeter 3

The "V" type two position stand is a further option that can further reduce the cost and length of multiple shaftless unwinds. They can accomodate very large rolls and are commonly used with conical type chucks:

For all mechanical DC and Electronic drive variants

Complete electrical upgrades

Layboy controls

Standard CPT 1400
Cut to register interface

At OnPress we can offer upgrades for your SHM sheeters. We have recently completed a servo upgrade on a 1975 SHM 1700 to eliminate the FU Variable speed gearbox.

The machine can now be configured with a operator touch screen and the customer can take full advantage of increased accuracy, productivity and reliability knowing that the machine has had the obsolescence taken care of.

We have also completed upgrades on Unico E20 generation machines to eliminate the obsolete controls.

Please reach out to us on the contact form to see what we can offer you for future proofing your SHM Sheeter.